First Response Fire Safety UK Ltd can provide you with the correct fire alarm system for your individual building requirements from design stages to installation and commissioning of the system. An automatic fire alarm system is designed to detect the unwanted presence of a fire by monitoring environmental changes associated with combustion. In general, a fire alarm system is classified as either automatically activated, manually activated or both. We can also service your system at regular intervals as recommended in the British Standard   code of practice (BS5839 -12002).


Ask yourself this question. Is your building at risk from the spread of fire?

If so, the answer could be single application of a fire retardant  liquid on your curtains upholstery and carpets and a range of fire protective products such as fire blankets and fire extinguishers. This will ensure that your building will be safe for years to  come. Because of new regulations, buildings that are for public use must  adhere to set guidelines that are administered by the local fire chief.  These guidelines must be followed to ensure that the safety of your building  meets British Standards.

We can spray all types of fabric, material, curtains upholstery and  carpets such as curtains, stage-curtains, cotton drapes, rugs, canvas,  carpets, hessian, upholstery, furniture, decorations, stage scenery, textiles,  paper, and (natural wood untreated) and ( wooden blinds natural untreated)
We specialise in spraying grass paper and veneer wall covering.

Flame retardant spray PFR.106.
Environmentally friendly, easy to use, put safety first

British Standards
PFR106. Complies with relevant british standards fire test BS5852  &.BS5867 (Crib 5)
Of flameshield in the application of PFR-106 flame retardant spray


emergency lighting

An    emergency light is a battery powered device that comes on automatically   when a building experiences a power outage. The batteries are kept   charged by the buildings mains power supply. There are two main types of   emergency lighting, firstly the “maintained” unit which remains   illuminated and works via the mains. Should the mains power fail, this   unit will stay illuminated for at least 1 to 3 hours. The second type is   the “non maintained” unit which is not ordinarily illuminated but will   illuminate should the mains power fail.

We are able to supply and   install both types in line with your properties requirements ensuring   you comply with the guidance of your fire risk assessment. We can also   provide you with the required maintenance of these products which should   conform to the current British Standard BS5266 & BS5588 providing   two visits per annum.


risk assessmentUnder the New Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 which became Law on   the 1st October 2006, it is now mandatory to undertake a written fire   risk assessment and to maintain this as a fully working document. Risk   assessments should be carried out annually. The working document should   be updated in the event of any changes to your premises.

We can   undertake your fire risk assessment and provide you with a written   report inclusive of our F.R.A.M.S document. We understand from working   with our customers that this document can be daunting to work with and   address therefore we offer as part of our service relevant guidance on   how to work with the document and its recommendations in the most cost   effective way whilst ensuring you are in compliance.

“Thank you very much for the quick turnaround for preparing the report and getting it to us in time for our Audit. I even had time to put the actions onto our continuous improvement plan.  The auditor was complimentary and commented on the thoroughness of the report. I agreed with him.”

Sharon Justo, Senior Deputy Area Manager at John Warner Sports Centre


First Response Fire Safety UK LTD can supply and install a wide   range of ancillary fire protection equipment. These range from; fire   blankets, fire point trolleys, fire extinguisher stands and PVC covers,   extinguisher protection boxes and cabinets, panic bolts and latches,   fire log books and log book cabinets, fire buckets and fire warden   jackets.


fire signsWe can supply and install all of your buildings required fire signage. We offer a free site survey to ensure the correct signage and notices are located in the most appropriate positions within your building. We also offer a brief training session on identification of the signs. This usually forms part of the installation and will be organised with the customer in advance should it be required.

We provide the full range of   signs and notices including; extinguisher ID signs, fire action   instructions and notices, emergency escape route signs, photo illuminate   and adhesive signs and warning notices.


fire equipmentFirst Response Fire Safety UK LTD can provide your individual establishment    with the full range of portable fire fighting equipment, hose reels and   fire blankets. We can also provide guidance on the correct   location/travel distance and identify the correct type of extinguisher  required for the individual risk. All new extinguishers supplied are   KITE marked to BS-EN3 1996 and come with a covered 5 year guarantee. Our    fully comprehensive range of fire extinguishers come in both the   standard red as well as stainless steel effect for a more aesthetically   pleasing look and all sizes are available.

Co2 Fire Extinguishers are suitable for Class B   risks which involve electrical hazards, flammable liquids such as oil,   fats, solvents and petrol. Suitable for office environment i.e. server   rooms/photocopiers and computers

AFFF Fire Extinguishers are suitable for both   class A and B fire risks, this coupled with the fact that they have a   conductivity rating of 35kv means that although not designed for use on   electrical fires, this extinguisher resists electricity. Suitable for   office environments and multi use.

Water Fire Extinguishers are only suitable for   Class A Fires, Such as wood, paper and textiles. Versions available   range from the standard 9 litre water to the high performance water   additive version which comes in more user friendly sizes of 3 litres and   6 litres.

Dry Powder Fire Extinguishers are a multipurpose   extinguisher that are safe to be used on Class A, Class B and Class C   fires such as petrol, oil, fat, paint, solvents and electrical   equipment. Suitable for all types of locations although guidance must be   provided when  being used on escape routes.

Wet Chemical Fire Extinguishers are   predominantly designed for used on cooking oils. When used, the   chemicals react with the heat to provide a crust on the surface which   will suffocate the fire. Suitable for commercial kitchen environments.  This extinguisher offers a small Class A rating.


First Response Fire Safety have now expanded and are now able to
support Security and monitoring services. From basic security systems
including CCTV, intruder alarms, barrier access to monitoring services. For
more information please contact us direct at


blanketFire Blankets are predominantly used for kitchen fires such as burning cooking oils and to suffocate a small fire. They can also be used on small waste bin fires and to assist someone if they have been caught alight via a rolling technique.